Does Ray Dalio Believe in Gold Investments?

Over the past few years, as investors and money managers employed one risk strategy after another, Ray Dalio held onto his advice that most portfolios could do with a bit more gold to them. Besides heeding the advice in his personal finance, Dalio has made gold a prominent part of his $150 billion hedge fund. Last year, Bridgewater Associates, which is both founded and run by Dalio, was named as the year’s top-performing hedge fund.

Given the recent happenings on the global stage, Dalio believes that investors and strategists are even more pressed to listen to his words of warning, according to the IBTimes. As the billionaire noted, the global market appears to be undergoing a paradigm shift after a decade of risk investment.

Following the 2008 crisis, governments around the world turned to quantitative easing in order to prop their economies. While this achieved the desired effect of stabilizing the markets in the short-term, it also incurred a massive amount of corporate and government debt. Read more

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