Why Buy Gold?

The demand for gold is at an all time high. It is different from paper currencies in that gold has a solid purchasing power and will always maintain its intrinsic value. This makes it attractive to all investors—not just the wealthy, but also middle class families, first time investors and retirees. In today’s unstable global economy, in both inflationary and deflationary periods, gold remains less volatile than other commodities. It is real money, especially gold bullion, and even if your stocks go to zero your physical gold never will. Gold is the insurance that your portfolio needs.

Gold is a standard of real stability. Throughout historical fluctuations, the power to purchase this asset remains the same. Gold’s power as an international commodity among trade has established it as the most reliable form of currency on a global scale. With the deterioration of printed paper, gold has retained its’ value for centuries, maintaining and succeeding its’ purchasing power. Juxtaposed with inflation, society continues to utilize gold, accumulating profit, security, status and wealth.

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Top Reasons to Invest in Gold

  • Excellent Hedge Against Inflation
  • Excellent Hedge Against the Dollar
  • Diversifies Your Investment Portfolio
  • Stellar Stand-Alone Investment
  • High Liquidity
  • Retirement Planning

Gold has been and will continue to be seen as a source of security in an economy where the currency value is declining. Investors are strengthening their positions in gold because of the fall of the Dollar. Our national debt has reached an astounding $22 trillion. Gold historically is a hedge against inflation and is considered a “crisis” commodity. There are little to no reasons why the dollar should be climbing right now.

Given that gold is counter-cyclical to paper assets, gold is often purchased to counter the effects of inflation and currency fluctuations. Gold cannot be undermined by inflation. Gold’s price appreciation makes up for lost interest, especially during a bull market.

Uncontrollable federal spending and increasing trade deficits will cause the dollar to lose value which in turn increases the price of gold. There are over $1 trillion of US debt owned by foreigners. This could cause a major decline in the value of the dollar and a soaring gold price. Analysts worry that a serious dollar sell off could create panic in the markets and lead to a global financial meltdown. There is also the threat of war and terrorism to cause the dollar to decline. Gold is a safe haven from these factors. Have you considered talking with a gold IRA company to see how to add Gold to your retirement portfolio?

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