Why Buy Platinum?

maple leaf platinumPlatinum is considered to be high octane gold. Platinum is an indispensable metal used in today’s high tech economy, yet it is considered to be the finest of all the jewelry metals. It is the rarest of all the precious metals. Platinum investments have risen over the past several years.

Platinum is highly conductive. 75% of platinum use is in the automotive industry. Over 20% of consumer goods either contain platinum or are produced using platinum. Platinum is highly resistant to corrosion thus making it a top choice for dentistry, surgical equipment and electrical products. This makes platinum a logical choice for industrial uses.

Industrial demand is growing at a faster rate than it is being mined. It is essential for products being consumed on a worldwide basis. 90% of the platinum’s production originates in the Soviet Union and South Africa. Given the limited access to trade in those regions the supply is constricted. Thus, the demand continues to exceed supply. Platinum has a strong prospect for a higher upside.

Top Reasons to Invest in Platinum:

  • 100 Times Rarer than Gold
  • Diverse Uses
  • Rapid Demand Growth, Limited Supplies
  • Worldwide Use is Expected to Increase

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