Why Buy Silver?

silver coinsSmart investors know that when it comes to investing, timing is of the essence. Silver is exceptionally undervalued and is a value buy. It is immutable and permanent. Silver is ready to make significant advances because the worlds above ground silver supply is rapidly depleting. The supply and demand for silver is uncommonly high. We have an annual deficit of 100-200 million ounces per year.

Demand has outweighed supply for the past 15 years. Even in years of decreased silver demand the mining supply on an annual basis did not meet demand. Experts predict this silver deficit will cause silver prices to soar.

Silver is a multifaceted asset. It has over 2,000 uses. From its industrial uses in photography, water purification systems, jewelry, microwaves, light switches, and automobiles, silver is indispensable. More and more industrial applications are being developed which add to the demand of silver.

Investment and industrial demand is building throughout the world and could greatly increase in the months and years ahead. Silver prices have been on a steady incline since the 1970s. Even though the dollar may be dropping, silver is rising.

Top Reasons to Invest in Silver

  • Less Expensive than Gold
  • Prices Have Been Steadily Rising Since the 1970s
  • Less Silver Per Investor than Gold
  • Used in the Growing “Green Economy” (Solar Panels, Energy Saving Lighting & Batteries)
  • High Demand

Did you know that certain silver bullion are legal to place in a IRA through a precious metals IRA company?

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